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ExplainingDNA is dedicated to helping you understand the latest advances in DNA testing and molecular diagnostics.  Human genetics is a complex science and the amount of information available can be overwhelming.  This website focuses on what you need to know so you can understand genetic testing and get the most out of any DNA test you order.

Three core principles are behind everything we do at explainingDNA.

1. Everyone has a right to access their own genetic information: 

We’re all human and the information contained with our DNA belongs to all of us.  Human genetics is a science that has take centuries of research to get this far and everyone should have access to the lifework of so many.

2. DNA testing is complicated – but understanding your genetic information doesn’t have to be:

It’s not enough to have access to your genetic information – you should be able to understand the implications and context of the results.  Your healthcare provider and the Internet is a great resource – our goal is to help you understand your results and start any conversation with the data and context you need to get the most from your test.

3. Be clear and open about the positives and limitations of all testing:

Genetic testing is a new field that rapidly growing and changing – there are important limitations and caveats to every test you can run.  We will do our best to help you understand these limitations and how they might impact your results.

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